Solo exhibitions

1997 SCC, “Happy Gallery”, Belgrade, paintings

Gallery “Моst” Novi Sad, paintings

1998 Gallery of Kolarc Foundation, paintings

Gallery of the Cultural Centre, Novi Sad, paintings

1999 Gallery of the Youth Centre, Belgrade, installation

2001 Gallery “Remont”, Belgrade, animated film projection Marta i njeni prijatelji (Marta And Her Friends)

2002 Gallery of SULUJ, Belgrade, exhibition Idealan raspored (Ideal Order)

2003 Gallery “Zvono”, Belgrade, installation

2004 Gallery “Remont”, Belgrade, animated film projection Srušeni snovi (Unfulfilled Dreams)

2005 Gallery “O3on", Belgrade, multimedia installation Pametne neposlušne devojke (Thinking Bad Girls)

2007 Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, exhibition Četiri priče o nama (Four Stories About Us)

2007 Centre Culturel Serbe, Paris

2009 Art Gallery of the Belgrade Cultural Centre, Belgrade, multimedia installation Dobar dan gospodine Noa (Good day, Mr Noah)

2011 Gallery Chaos. Belgrade, Presence and/or absence

2012 Museum of Contemporary Art in Vojvodina, Novi Sad

2014 G12 HUB, Installation Pieta, Belgrade

2014 Art Gallery Nadezda Petrovic, exhibition New Works, Cacak

2015 Cultural center Trstenik, exhibition of paintings and drawings, Trstenik

2015 Fine Art Gallery of Cultural Center of Belgrade, exhibition Marta's Cupcakes

2017 Gallery "Zvono", Belgrade, exhibition of paintings A Closer Look

2017 Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia, New York, exhibition Marta's Cupcakes

2019 Making The Motherboard, performance with Dragana Zarevac, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade

2020 Art Gallery Krusevac, Serbia, exhibition Other Spaces

July 2021 Pie Factory Margate, Drawings, Paintings, Etc., exhibition with Sarah Walpole, Margate, UK


Group exhibitions:                  1991 Biennale of  Yugoslav  Student Drawing


1997. New Members, Gallery ULUS Belgrade


                1997  Spring exhibition, Belgrade

                1997  New Members of ULUPUDS, Gallery         Singidunum,Belgrade

               1997 Autumn exhibition, Belgrade

               1997  7 th Biennale International “In the light of Milena”

               1997/8 111 Windows Homage A Marcel Duchamp, Budapest

               1997/8 Biennale of  Drawing, Belgrade

               1998 Annual Exhibition of Gallery Kolarac 1997/1998

1998. First annual exhibition of  independent Artists, 

Museum “25. May”,Belgrade

                  1998 Opening of CybeRex-video projection

1999. Spring exhibition, Belgrade

                                                     1999 ”STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!”, Wien

                                                     1999 Exhibition of “25thart gathering Mileseva “

     1999/2000 Biennale of  Drawing, Belgrade

2000. New Members of IGBILDENDEKUNST,Gallery Station3,Wien

2001. Projection of work “Martha and her friends” in

Centre for Contemporary art,Belgrade

2001 Projection of work “Martha and her friends” at

48th Yugoslav festival of documentary and animated film,Belgrade

2001 8thYugoslav festival of animated film, Cacak

2002. 6th international videofestival  »Videomedeja«,  

Novi Sad

                                                     2002  Icons, exhibition in house of Djura Jaksic, Belgrade                       

2002 Participated in project »Flux 02«, suburbs of Belgrade 

                                                    2002 43rd October  Salon, Belgrade

2003. 44th October  Salon, Belgrade

20039thYugoslav festival of animated film, Cacak

2003 Participated in project »Flux 03«, suburbs of Belgrade

2004 «Studies on diligence«, Cultural Centre, Belgrade

2004  BELEF, Belgrade

2004. 8th international videofestival  »Videomedeja«,  

Novi Sad

2004 Workshop for jitter/max msp at »Dis-patch« festival, Belgrade

2005/2006 Author of project »Flux junior«, working on animated film with children from suburbs of Belgrade 

                                                    2006 BELEF, Belgrade

                                                    2006 Exhibition "Watercollor and drawing", Gallery "Beograd", Belgrade

                                                    2007 Residence at  Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris

                                                     2007Author of project »Flux junior 02«, working on animated film with children

                                                  from suburbs of Belgrade

                                                  2014 Exhibition of Multimedia Group, University of Belgrade, Gallery Cvijeta Zuzoric,     


                                                   2016  Fashion Art Toronto, Toronto, Canada

                                                   2016 61st Art Colony "Painting", Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin, Zrenjanin

                                                   2019 Artist Open Houses, Brighton Festival, Brighton

                                                   2019 Festival Instans Video, Marseille, France

                                                 2021 Femkanje Spaces Of Togetherness, Podroom Gallery at Cultural Centre Belgrade

                                                  2021 XIV Spring Annals, Cultural Centre Cacak, Serbia

                                                  2021 Artist Open Houses Winter, Brighton, United Kingdom

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