MARGARETA JELIC is an interdisciplinary artist and art theoretician born in Belgrade, Serbia. Her artwork includes painting, installation, video, animation and sound. Since 1991 she has been exhibiting at numerous solo and group exhibitions in Serbia and internationally in Hungary, Austria, France and Canada. Margareta Jelic is also author of the book about contemporary art and theory, titled “Fragmented gaze in Art and Media of 20th and 21st century”, (Nolit, Belgrade, 2010) and member of ULUS (The Serbian Association of Fine Artists).

Her works are part of some private collections and museums in Serbia.

She lives and works in Brighton (UK) and Belgrade (SR).


She graduated at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, the Department of Painting in 1992.

Margareta obtained her MA degree in the classes of Prof. Čedomir Vasić and Prof. Vladan Radovanović at the Department of Multimedia Art, the University of Arts in Belgrade, in 2006.

Two years later she did her PhD thesis under the tutelage of Prof. Miško Šuvaković at the Department of Art and Media Theory, the University of Arts in Belgrade, in 2008.

She completed her second PhD thesis at the Department of Multimedia Art, the University of Arts in Belgrade in 2009.


In 2012 Jasmina Cubrilo has written a book/monograph  Margareta Jelic Ogledi o/iz drugosti published by Foundation Vujicic Collection in Belgrade.

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